Friday, October 31, 2008

Thanks and Grace....

I want to thank each of you who sent me such an encouraging message to me on my "daddys" 13th anniversary. As I remember 13 years ago I still hear myself calling him daddy and I will forever for he is my daddy. I am not sure if you all saw the "scrapblog" that I made of us but there was on pic of him feeding me with a bottle the day I was born. When I scanned that pic yesterday morning tears just flowed as I truly miss him but know that he is surrounding just like so many that have passed on that I truly miss which are:

::my grandpa who passed when I was 5
::my father when I was 14
::my best friend Nicole(she was 16, drunk driving accident) and I was 18
::my other best friend Jessica who died of her ex murdering her and I was 19
::my cousins husband Patrick who died in Iraq when I was 24
::a dear friend from high school Orlando that passed away in Iraq a few years ago
::and of course my sweet angel in Heaven~Nehemiah
::and my sisters sweet angel in Heaven~Baby Cortes

I am sure others have passed in between but my goodness thats alot already...

So this morning was a little RUFF... I woke up because I made hubby some breakfast before he left to work and when I was walking down the stairs I smelled something that would come from the "dogs." Yup BINGO my nose knows.... LOL King (our newest addition in July) has been having some problems with his stool. I won't go into details BUT I was not in a good mood after that. At the same time of making hubby something the smell was just horrible BUT hubby had put on my Christian CD (what a shock he'd rather watch TV (Praise God!!). I was NOT in a GOOD MOOD!!! Ok so a few things the Lord showed me this morning since I hadn't had my Quiet Time with my Father yet... I went to the backyard to spray down the tray that is under the kennel and I always look out to the mountains that are behind my house because you would just want to shout "GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME" with His beautiful scenery He gave us. Ok there was this HUGE cloud that looked like half of a angel wing!!! Then the sun was only shining right underneath the wing!! WOW it was beautiful... All I could say was "Wow Lord thats beautiful thank you..." Ok so NO MORE bad mood... Praise GOD! So I come in and wash off King and clean the room his in and then I put him back in his kennel cause I needed my Quiet Time. So I came back upstairs and I know I posted about Grace a few days ago of how I haven't came to terms of what Grace actually meant in my life. So I open my Bible and skip thru some verses and BINGO... Mercy & Grace popped on one of my devotionals since I have a Women of Faith Bible and they have like a year worth of devotionals in them.


Ok now im off of here to call the vet for an appt for King and hopefully I can go to work!


Teresa said...

Awww your dad looks so proud and happy! And I bet he's thrilled to be able to hold and love Nehemiah everyday for you. Have a Happy Halloween!

The Petersons said...

I thought it was neat that while I was reading the list of the people in your life that have passed, the song on your profile was singing, "I'm in better hands now". Isn't it great to know that God loves each one of those people more than you ever could, and that He wrote out the plans for their lives, and that, even now, they are in His hands?

When you recognize how amazing God is, it's hard to keep from praising Him, no matter how bad of a mood you are in! I'm glad that He revealed bits of Himself to you this morning and I pray that He continues to show you more of His grace all throughout the day :-)

AmandaHoyt said...

That pic of you and your dad is perfect. I'm so sorry for all the losses in your life. I wouldn't be surprised if God and Nehemiah were peaking through the clouds at you aiming to brighten your day. That is too cool!