Saturday, October 11, 2008

Oh my Friday past!

Oh my I can't believe I forgot to do my Friday Blessings post! Yikes... Ok so here I go... This past week was quiet BUT blessed...

Saturday - a blessed one (I can't remember what I did)

Sunday - OF COURSE a blessed day since I got to praise & worship & hear His word.

Monday - blessed day

Tuesday - blessed day

Wednesday - blessed day

Thursday - blessed day

Friday - My 8 yr old cocker spaniel Destiny decided Thursday night that she was in pain so I woke up early Friday morning to call the vet and get in ASAP since I had to work. I was able to get an early morning appt and they kept her to xray her and well when I saw the prices of xrays I just had to run to work and pray that I wouldn't have to pay alot. The dr called and said "she is not showing me any signs of pain" in my mind I wanted to go and woop her bootie...LOL She cried half of Thursday night! Ok so the dr thinks it may be the beginning of Artheritis (sp?)... Well she is 8 yrs old! So then she tells me to pick her up when I can and so I did hours later and my bill was $50.00 since they found infection in BOTH ears! If you want a Cocker Spaniel just a reminder: Ears get infected at least every 2 months (at least my cocker does) So it was BLESSED because the Lord knows my finances and she didn't have any xrays done just the visit/ear stuff/and some other thing I can't remember. Praise God!

Ok hopefully I will jot down everyday starting oh my TODAY for next Friday! LOL...

And I want to thank each of you that comes and leaves me a sweet comment on my posts!

God bless.. Melanie


AmandaHoyt said...

I'm SOO glad that Destiny is ok (and that it didn't cost you a mint to get her feeling better!)

Isn't it crazy how much Vet's cost??!! Luckily, my Caitlin wants to be a Vet (and an artist) so maybe we'll finally get some affordable animal care and artwork! Ha!

Love your Blessed Friday posts :)


The Baker's said...

I am glad to hear that you had a blessed week. I happy that Destiny is okay and it was not any really serious, that can't be fixed with medication. Have a blessed week to come.

Fay said...

Awww, Little destiny. Glad she is well and the amount was low. God is good all the time. Praise Hm for it all. Love you sis.

Amy Fichtner said...

I am sorry to hear about your dog and I am glad that she is ok!!! That can definitley be scary when you don't know what's wrong.