Wednesday, February 3, 2010

He will hold us together...

Hello my blogger friends,

Let me see if I can get thru this post without crying (yeah right, a pregnant woman = crying). Alot has been going on in our life and well I want to share it with each of you because we are in need of prayers.

Last Wednesday I had an ultrasound done here at my regular hospital and the u/s tech explained that I have what they call Placenta Previa. She stated its lying pretty low and close to the cervix. Usually placentas will move in time as the uterus grows so with that I received a call on Thursday from a dr that I have been diagnosed with Placenta Previa. He said that I have to bring everything that I do daily to a minimum. Which means I can clean but not the way I used to, no intercourse, and well just laying low. I went ahead and quit my job at the church which they were okay with and have been home since last Friday just resting with my feet up, trying not to go up the stairs often, and just starting to take care of Elanie and I. Tomorrow I see my dr for a follow up. I am 24 wks and some days and we are hoping to be able to get more info from him. Oh and because of the placenta issue more than likely if it doesn't move I will have a Csection.

Then this last Friday my husband went to work cause he was called in by his Colonel and was told that he has orders to be deployed to Afghanistan in 2 weeks. Since it was Friday and the post was closing due to the bad weather we had he really couldn't find out any other information other than he will leave in 2 weeks. Mind you 2 weeks is not enough time especially now that I am pretty much on partial bedrest. This hurt me so bad when he was telling me that all I could do was cry. I asked my husband if he thought he could get out of it because of my High Risk pregnancy and he said he would try. On Monday he went in and he has to go no matter what. It's a "up to 365" deployment.

We are praying and believing that all will be well with us as we are apart for a year. It's the hardest thing as a wife, and a first time mom to be (the tears started) without having my husband with me. I will be moving out of our house and will live in Texas with my mom since I really can't do alot in this 2 story house and then on top of that I have my two dogs that I can't take out cause of the snow, etc... I am trying to deal thru this with God's strength and peace because without Him I would just be a disaster. My husband is at peace thru all of this and knows that its all in God's hands. We know that God knew about all this before we knew of it so we are okay with it.

Ever since Elanie has came into our lives in my womb our marriage has changed so much and its so beautiful. I will miss my husband so much and wish that he could be here thru out the rest of the pregnancy but thats not God's will. His plan is to be able to come for the delivery for 2 weeks and during the rest of the time he is gone to start building our house in Texas.

Please pray for us for strength, peace, and that everything will work out as we leave this military post with the house, etc...

Thank you all so much!