Thursday, October 9, 2008

My siggy

Ok so I am a member of a website and well signatures at the bottom of messages is a BIG thing on this particular website... I have been asking around to see if anyone would make me a siggy for October 15th Pregnancy Awareness Day and this nice girl made me one!! I had/have tears in my eyes now... Tears of Joy knowing my angel is in the arms of my Heavenly Father and many other little angels of my Sisters in Christ!

Here is the siggy...


AmandaHoyt said...

Mel!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your siggy! That is awesome! I know you've seen my siggy on CafeMom but I think I love yours more now :) LOL

Pray for me please - tomorrow there is a Walk to Remember our babies at our church.


The Baker's said...

Mel, I like it alot. That is awesome and so cool, in memory of you little angel. I would love to have a siggy.