Sunday, September 20, 2009

I think im back!

Hello my friends!!! How is everyone doing?? I see alot of you have brought some blessings into this world and I want to congratulate each one of you! Also I see many that are pregnant! Praise God! He is awesome :) As for me well we don't know yet~I have been seeing a Reproductive Endo. doctor since June and I have been on 2 months of Clomid and tried a shot once but didn't do it the 2nd time since my dr is 2 hours away. I am praying for whatever God's will is! If I don't start by the end of the week then I will guess that I am preggos! And I will praise God if I am and if im not!! AMEN!

As of right now I am still working at the DMV,BUT the Lord has blessed me even more and has given me a part time job at my church as their secretary! I start tomorrow and will be part time there then school then part time at the DMV for a little while longer so that I can get a few bills paid before the new year.

I started school in August and LOVE IT! I am taking Public Speaking and really enjoy it! I am only taking one course cause I know how I am in school and if I take more than one I will be overwhelmed!! I was granted a scholarship for military wives and it has been such a blessing from God!

Well the Giants and Cowboys are playing and I want to enjoy some time with hubby....

Take care and I promise to keep in touch!