Wednesday, October 8, 2008

At peace and a lil lost....

Ok so the title says it all but I will explain...

::The feeling at peace is because well my due date was on Monday and I can honestly say I thought my day was going to be rough and thanks to our Heavenly Father and all the prayers from all of you I was able to get thru my day. I thought more of my little angel in Heaven knowing he/she is doing well rejoicing and loving it! (See you one day my angel)

::The feeling lost is because I don't know what the Lord has planned out and well I won't know. I started Provera on Sunday and they are settling well. I also started back on Prenatals and those are doing well too. I haven't been able to sleep right lately and I am not sure why. I feel in my heart I need to get on my knees more and pray harder.

Let me let you in a little bit of what I had been praying for:

A few days ago I prayed that the Lord would give me more of a "hunger" for Him. Well yesterday when I woke up and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth I heard it clear as day "You want to be hungry for Me, but you aren't in My Word." WHOA!!! BOOM!!! Can you say speechless?!

Ok so I will admit I haven't been in His Word or in much prayer and I know I need to. I have been praying for His Will and what He wants me to do as a "career." Since we retire in less than 5 yrs. I want to have a good job. Hmmmm I wonder where that will be.... Alot of careers have been in my head: working with disabled children, hospital, clinic, government job, home for teenagers. So that's what I've been thinking...

Well let me do some crocheting so that I can relax. God bless all of you!

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