Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Well he is offically a 1SGT!!! Thank you Lord for this blessing. After waiting for 11months he is now a 1SGT and not a Drill Sgt anymore. I can say that having a husband as a Drill Sgt you never really get to see them except when they are sleeping! He is such an awesome man of God and I thank the Lord for blessing me with him. It was amazing to be able to stand next to my husband as the Colonel was pronouncing his promotion to about 30 people. I want to thank my cousin Angel & Gina for being there and for always being there for us as well! Thanks to all of our families for always giving us advice and being there for us! We wish everyone could of been there but thats the military life for ya! I can say as a military wife you make your home where the military sends you and even though you have to keep on moving its still going to be a "home" you will never forget because the Lord has it all planned out to meet new friends, church family, etc... Here are some pictures that didn't really come out well because I still haven't learned my camera..LOL

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dj1976 said...

Hey Melanie tell Ralph congratulations on his promotion. I also wanted to say that when I saw you it made me cry cuase I wish those days that we spent with eachother were the best days in my life I miss you very much take care MUAH love you. Your friend always Jessica Diaz

The Baker's said...

How very exciting. Congrats, that is awesome that you pinned him. I live in Indiana and you asked what Ft. It is Ft. Wayne, hubby is a asst manager at Walgreens. Thanks for your sweet comment with the roller coaster ride with infertility. We do have a few things in common.Good luck with the cycle.

AmandaHoyt said...

Congrats to you and your hubby! I could not imagine what you go through being a military wife. Thanks for "letting us in" on the ceremony. Too cool!