Sunday, March 29, 2009

Miss me?? No?? Yes??

LOL I'm a dork yes I know...

Ok so I have been a very very baaaaaaaaaaad blogger... Well it's because I got a J.O.B. and I am T.I.R.E.D! So my new job is working Mon - Fri 9 hours a day and when I get home I don't want to see a computer anymore. See at my last job we had maybe 1 or 2 customers and well I was always blogging and searching the net, well this job there is NO internet and we have about 100 or more customers a day. Sorry for being a bad blogger... I haven't even been able to read anyones blogs either and because of that I feel so bad that I am not "following" like I should be.

Today I am going to try a new church. A girl from church told me about hers and I told her I would try it and see. I am excited and well even though hubby isn't going its ok. He has to go check on his soldiers that are out in the field.

Other than that.... My family came down the week of March 14th for a week and we had a blast. It was my birthday on the 18th and we went site seeing and then of course Nehemiah's one year was Sunday, March 22nd. If anyone was praying for me I want to thank you RIGHT NOW! All I can say was I had so much peace that the day went by me like nothing. Yes I thought of Nehemiah and of course everyday that goes by I still remember "the day" that Nehemiah went to be with the Lord and it hurts yes but I can say that I feel STRONG like never before.

Love all of you and again thanks for checking on me....

~i~ Mel

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hello again...

Yup I came back to bloggin! Sorry I took so long but it was a much needed break. Now that I do not have the job that I was currently at I don't want to really be online much. See at my old job it was SLOW and all I did was blog, decorate my blog, blog, read other blogs (I love by the way), read my emails, email, and go to other websites because well that is all that I could do in a SLOW job. I am sure some are saying well thats a really laid back job but for almost a year there it got BORING always being online so now that I am home I don't want to see a computer LOL! But I know I have to post like I said on my last post I was gonna blog once a day NOT!

I am enjoying a really relaxing few weeks cause on March 23rd I will be working again at the DMV! I am excited and it will be part time for the time being till another full time position opens up. It's a really small office and I am excited because they are Christian! It's such a relief to know that too... I am enjoying my 3 weeks off and my family will be here this Saturday for a week so I know I will have a blast... My step sons are coming with them so I am TOTALLY excited! My hubby is taking a week off so we are going to relax :)

I want to say CONGRATS to Amanda on her 3rd little miracle.... I have known about it for sometime but of course after a miscarriage ya kinda want to wait a little while to tell everyone :) I wish you the best Amanda....

Well I am off to crochet my little fingers away cause it's what I do best as hubby says... LOL

Goodnight and God bless you my friends...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A NEW Day!

Where do I begin???

Well I am no longer employed... That means that my goal is to:

::Come to the Lord more than ever

::Be my husbands help meet

::Walk the dogs

::Work out

::Do my crafts

::Keep the house clean

::Volunteer at schools or hospital

::Blog once a day

So I think my schedule will be all filled up to where I will not be bored... What'cha think??? I am hoping that I can get on a schedule and not become a bum by sleeping in till late and just eating everything... YIKES!

I have a job that will start in June which they say is MINE but if that's where the Lord wants me it will be MINE in Jesus name, Amen!

I have family coming the 3rd week of this month and I would rather spend time with them than worrying if I will be able to get off for a week.

I wish all of you a great start of the week....

God bless and To God be the Glory,