Friday, December 4, 2009

Shopping Websites Anyone?

Hello bloggy friends~

I was wondering if anyone knew of any cool shopping websites to buy Christmas gifts. I have been searching Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy but I need others. I am not looking for anything particular just want some good sales. Where I live there is only Walmart so yeah I need to shop online!



Thursday, December 3, 2009

It is well with my soul

I love the song "It is well with my soul" because I remember that song when I lost Nehemiah last year. When I layed their on the hospital bed while I got my last look at Nehemiah was laying at the bottom of my uterus with no heartbeat I remember hearing the Lord tell me "It is well." After my miscarriage my mom bought me a CD from the Lakewood Church where Joel Osteen preaches and in it was this song "It is well with my soul."

As I think of this song going thru this pregnancy all I can tell myself is "It is well" because I struggle each and everyday with so much fear and doubt. I keep reminding myself that fear and doubt is NOT of the Lord but of the enemy. I have been trying to keep myself in the Word and praying that the Lord will be with me at all times even when I do fear and doubt. I have been pulling scripture. I've asked many friends what verses have they read when they were pregnant. *It is well with my soul*

See I have a Bicornuate Uterus (heart-shaped) that I was diagnosed with back in 2006. I was told by that dr that it's nothing to worry about. In July of this year hubby and I decided to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist to make sure that all will be well to get pregnant with my uterus. He did an ultrasound and said that I am not a candidate for the removal of the septum that parts the uterus on the top. He made it seem that its just a thicker lining on the top of my uterus. And I still worry... I was placed on Clomid to help me ovulate in July and August and I conceived in August :) *It is well with my soul*

I started seeing my midwife from my 5th and have seen her my 10th, and my 13th week and ever since the Lord has shown me that He is with me every second of my life and of my lil ones life as well. Because they see me as high risk I see my midwife pretty often and each time she is always giving me a ultrasound and listening to the beautiful heartbeat. My 13th week appt I was given a referral to a Maternal/Fetal Specialist during my 18th week up until I deliver. The procedure that will be done at the Specialist will be a Level II ultrasound and then he will monitor me due to the abn uterus. *It is well with my soul*

Yesterday I had to go to the ER (for a possible UTI) because you can't just go up to Labor & Delivery until you are 20 weeks. So since im 15 weeks I had to see the ER dr and was seen pretty quickly and told that my urine was fine. The dr thinks I am not drinking enough fluids which is true. They then said they were gonna measure my lil ones heartbeat which of course was a HUGE highlight for me :) Baby Blessing heartbeat was 146! I was then told to go see my midwife cause my ER dr couldn't get ahold of her to give her heads up that I was there so I went to see her and she thinks the same thing that I need to drink more fluids. GOT IT! If they could just stick me with an IV with fluids it would be easier! LOL Oh and get this she listened to the heartbeat LOL no I wasn't gonna tell her they just heard it in the ER are you crazy :) I want one of those machines but I think I will drive myself insane!!! *It is well with my soul*

Can I ask you to pray for me??

*That fear and doubt would be replaced with peace

*That the abn uterus will not affect my pregnancy

*That in Jesus name this baby won't come early!


*That I will stop freaking out for no reason

*My Level II ultrasound is the 6th of January

It is well with my soul,

Melanie & Baby Blessing