Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Please vote for my baby!

Hello my bloggy friends....

I just signed up Elanie for a contest and all I need is for you to go to this link and go to the "E" and find her name and click on the Free Vote. You can vote starting today, Sept 1st thru the 30th of Sept. You can only vote once a day from the same computer since they count the votes by the IP address. I also found out that you can NOT vote from your cell.

We would appreciate all the votes we can get!

Thanks and I will keep ya'll updated :)

In Christ,
Melanie & Elanie

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Prayers for Grandma

Hello my bloggy friends,

We are asking for everyones prayers for my Grandma Maria who is in the hospital. She has been there since last Thursday with heart problems, chest pain, and an episode of a seizure. She is a diabetic and has heart problems. She is in her 80's and she has lived a long life! She is such a strong woman that I just know she can pull thru but this is the weakest I have seen her. Right now they are testing her for many things. We know there is a valve in her heart that is slowly closing. They are afraid of doing an open heart surgery because of her others medical problems and because of her age.

Please pray for all of us for strength and comfort as we go thru all of this...

Thanks in advance for your prayers!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

She is here... she's been here... lol

I know a little late but she has finally arrived!

Elanie Rosaluz...

...was born on June 6th @ 9:02 p.m. weighing in at 8lbs 14 oz and measuring at 19 inches.

We are so so blessed and give God all the glory for He is magnificent...

Sorry I haven't updated anyone but MAN is life busy now...

Hubby is back overseas and we are praying for his safe return home next year!

God bless you all and THANK you from the bottom of our hearts for all the prayers that were said after I miscarried in 2008, while we were trying, and thru the pregnancy.

Love you all!

Birth story to come shortly! :)

I hope ya'll are still reading my blog LOL

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Awaiting His arrival and Her arrival :)

Hey everyone...

This will be a quick post! Well today was my last dr's appt and I have not dilated anything.... Frustrating BUT I know why now.... Hubby is coming for her birth :) I had to do a Red Cross message just to get him to fly out SOON. I will be induced on Sunday at 10pm so please pray for us...

I am praying that Elanie comes when the Lord wants her to come and that if hubby is here well so be it but if he isn't well it's all in His timing not ours!

Just waiting for my hubby's phone call to let me know the flight details :)

One happy wife and soon to be momma!

Pray for us please :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

She isn't ready, but Mommy is....

Hello my blogging friends,

Sorry about not blogging... I have been so busy with so much that I don't even know where to start. From reading my last post I was still in Missouri and we had just found out of my placenta problem and my hubby deploying so let me start from there:

Since the dr's in Missouri were telling me I had Placenta Previa and then they were thinking baby girl had IUGR (when baby isn't measuring correctly) my hubby and I decided since he had to deploy that I would move to Texas to be with my mother and family. We were so blessed to have my mom, step dad, 2 uncles, and my aunt come and get me and my 2 dogs and also help us clean our home so that we could turn it back into the military since I wouldn't go back to Missouri. The military was giving us a hard time with alot of different things to the point that my hubby had to just tell us to go ahead and leave and that we would see each other in a year :( WOW talk about the hardest "see you later" cause we don't say "goodbye." What we were trying to do was see him "off" to his next destination but I had to leave him all alone in out house. It was so so sad that I cried for days and still do :(

He was able to come to Texas to see me and his 2 boys before he had to depart so that was exciting :) He was able to go to my first appointment at the new hospital I am going to here in Texas so that was nice. He was only able to stay for a week and then I saw him fly away :( Being pregnant and having my husband deploy is so hard that I don't wish this on anyone! He has been deployed for 3 months now and we will see each other in July for 2 weeks.

About baby girl~Elanie~well she has not made her appearance YET! From all the things they were telling me in Missouri I no longer have Placenta Previa *Praise God* and she does not have IUGR *Praise God*. I am 39 weeks and 6 days today and I am READY! She needs to come on out...but she doesn't want to! I have been seeing some really good dr's and have found the one! He is a resident but its all good. He is so understanding and always asks about how my hubby is doing. Hubby won't be able to be here for the delivery but it's okay cause he will come a few weeks later :)

We can't wait to meet our precious little one!

We had an awesome baby shower and OMG I got so much stuff that living here at my mothers house is the hardest because there is hardly no room :(

I have some prayer requests:

*that Elanie will come on her own and that I will not have to get induced

*that my delivery will go smooth :)

*that my hubby will keep walking with the Lord and for protection

Thank you everyone that care for us so much :)

We love you and can't wait to post a pic of our precious little one!!!

In Christ,


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

He will hold us together...

Hello my blogger friends,

Let me see if I can get thru this post without crying (yeah right, a pregnant woman = crying). Alot has been going on in our life and well I want to share it with each of you because we are in need of prayers.

Last Wednesday I had an ultrasound done here at my regular hospital and the u/s tech explained that I have what they call Placenta Previa. She stated its lying pretty low and close to the cervix. Usually placentas will move in time as the uterus grows so with that I received a call on Thursday from a dr that I have been diagnosed with Placenta Previa. He said that I have to bring everything that I do daily to a minimum. Which means I can clean but not the way I used to, no intercourse, and well just laying low. I went ahead and quit my job at the church which they were okay with and have been home since last Friday just resting with my feet up, trying not to go up the stairs often, and just starting to take care of Elanie and I. Tomorrow I see my dr for a follow up. I am 24 wks and some days and we are hoping to be able to get more info from him. Oh and because of the placenta issue more than likely if it doesn't move I will have a Csection.

Then this last Friday my husband went to work cause he was called in by his Colonel and was told that he has orders to be deployed to Afghanistan in 2 weeks. Since it was Friday and the post was closing due to the bad weather we had he really couldn't find out any other information other than he will leave in 2 weeks. Mind you 2 weeks is not enough time especially now that I am pretty much on partial bedrest. This hurt me so bad when he was telling me that all I could do was cry. I asked my husband if he thought he could get out of it because of my High Risk pregnancy and he said he would try. On Monday he went in and he has to go no matter what. It's a "up to 365" deployment.

We are praying and believing that all will be well with us as we are apart for a year. It's the hardest thing as a wife, and a first time mom to be (the tears started) without having my husband with me. I will be moving out of our house and will live in Texas with my mom since I really can't do alot in this 2 story house and then on top of that I have my two dogs that I can't take out cause of the snow, etc... I am trying to deal thru this with God's strength and peace because without Him I would just be a disaster. My husband is at peace thru all of this and knows that its all in God's hands. We know that God knew about all this before we knew of it so we are okay with it.

Ever since Elanie has came into our lives in my womb our marriage has changed so much and its so beautiful. I will miss my husband so much and wish that he could be here thru out the rest of the pregnancy but thats not God's will. His plan is to be able to come for the delivery for 2 weeks and during the rest of the time he is gone to start building our house in Texas.

Please pray for us for strength, peace, and that everything will work out as we leave this military post with the house, etc...

Thank you all so much!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year and Pregnancy Blog

Happy New Year to all my Blogging friends! I hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years and that 2010 will be the year of many blessings for all of you! Amen! We had a great time in Texas for Christmas and New Year and we couldn't ask for more.

So now it's official I went ahead and made me a new blog here of our little one on the way (add yourself as a follower if you'd like!)... As of today I am 20w 5d. I just had my Level II ultrasound on Wednesday and the results were amazing! Baby girl looks like she is growing in my whole uterus PRAISE GOD (they are now saying its a probable bicornuate uterus, so what that meant to us was it could be or may not be, but no sign of a septum or baby growing on one side of the uterus) That was something we were worried about but why worry when you have God by your side?!!!? Hubby and I went in "thinking" BOY and we were WRONG! So now to share the best news with his 2 boys :)

I got a touch of a head cold and am hoping it will go away soon as Sudafed makes my heart race really fast and it scared me so I stopped taking it and am just taking care of myself without meds.

Well I gotta get some things done around the house! Love all of ya'll and wishing ya'll a great weekend.