Monday, September 29, 2008

Good News & Sweet Doctor!!!

Well it is Good News and what a sweet dr!!! Thank you Lord for going before me and planning it ALL... You are awesome... Last night all I could think of was what the dr was going to tell me. We woke up this morning and as we were driving I felt so nervous. As we drove up to the hospital I felt so much peace and anxious all together. The staff ladies were so sweet to me! Thank you Lord! I sat next to hubby and filled out some paperwork they needed from me while they scanned my insurance card. As I sat there and waited I faced with 3 pregnant ladies. Why Lord is it so hard for me to see beautiful baby bumps and the glow of their faces?? Arrrrr... Since I have started crocheting I have felt that its helping me in a healing way. I feel that as I make things for others with babies that its like therapy. I never really thought of it but when I am in the making I feel as I am casting my worries to Him! Isn't it amazing how he creates your hands to make something so beautiful. Ok so I started crocheting in the waiting room and thought to myself what others may be thinking since I was doing a pink and white baby bootie. I was saying to myself "I bet those ladies think im pregnant, if only they knew the pain of sitting in there." I don't like to feel that way but at this moment in time thats what comes with suffering a pregnancy loss. I was called in and I asked hubby to come with. They took me to weigh me and im a woping 136 lbs. I would love to loose a few more pounds... They took us into a room and had me sit on the patient bed while hubby had to sit in a corner... She took my blood pressure and all is well. She then started asking me several questions about my last cycle, pregnancies, surgeries, etc... I HELD it all in and I did not cry ONCE!! GO ME GO ME!!! See the Lord went before me!!! He is so awesome! She then told me to undress from the waste down and wait for the dr. Was it cold in there or what! YIKES. I think they need to have heated patient beds.. LOL When the dr showed up she was so sweet. She looks so young! She asked me why I was there. I said for more than one thing. HOLD YOUR BREATH! Irregular cycles, miscarriage, D&C, Bicornuate Uterus, ummm is that enough or do I keep going? LOL She read my ultrasounds and my HSG and said she didn't see anything else abnormal. She thinks that my uterus is fine the way it is. She said she wants me to get regulated first so I will be on Provera for 3 months. After the 3 months I will go back in IF IM NOT PREGGO that is and she will start me on Clomid to help me ovulate. So to say the least I can say that it is "Good News!" Sending thanks to you Lord!


Greg and Lauren said...

WHAT GREAT NEWS!! I am so happy for you! God is Amazing! Isn't it amazing how He can bring someone in your life, especially a doctor that is full of hope too. And congrats on your hubbie's promotion!! What an honor!! Have a GREAT and BLESSED week!
Lauren B.

elainaann said...

That is great news and I totally agree about he heated patient bed. Everytime I go for my yearly check up my hubby says that I should request they soak the tools in warm water first. :) You are such a blessing. It is so great to see how you lean on God and let him shine through all of your life.

I too see my hubby doing things from Fireproof. I also find myself doing things like packing his lunch - never did that before seeing the movie. :)

And finally, congrats on your hubby's promotion. That is great news. God is good.

AmandaHoyt said...

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome and Yay God!
It's too cool - you could be preggo in 3 (or less) months!

Hugs and prayers,