Friday, September 19, 2008

Family Visit/Morning Sickness Began

My mom, dad, grandma, aunt, sister and neice came to visit me and my hubby on Valentines Day since we had moved to another state and well with me and my lovely morning sickness that had started around the 12th of Feb. I couldn't do A THING. (I would love to have morning sickness again) I was moving around like a lil snail and sleeping like a newborn baby. I was so excited to have my family around with so much to do in our brand new home. We went shopping for things for the house and my family decorated pretty much all of the house. What a blessing. THANK YOU MOM, DAD, ABUELA, TITI EVELYN, FAY AND NATALIE :) from the bottom of our hearts!!! I remember when we were going to have a dinner and my mom was going to cook pork and I kept telling them how it was making me sick... Thank you Nehemiah for keeping my tummy yucky... I loved it even though knowing I had a precious gift in my womb. Their stay was short and sweet and I thank the Lord everyday for my wonderful family He has blessed us with.

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