Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The story of the painful procedure-HSG

It all started out in October 2004 when we started to TTC. Since I was irregular I decided to start seeing my dr regarding us trying but no cycles. BINGO no cycle no ovulation...HMMMM so where do I go from there? After many visits to the drs I asked if I could have my fallopian tubes checked out. Since I used to work with an OB/GYN I knew a little about what he did with his "infertility" patients. If I only knew the PAIN it came with I would of just said forget it. But no I went in like a champ!!! I remember how cold it was in the room and when the dr and radiologist came in they started the HSG procedure. Did ok until the fluid started to flow thru the tubes. WOW PRESSURE! All the sudden I started getting hot flashes and thought to myself well if I tear this blanket off well they will see EVERYTHING... All I wanted to do was scream but I controlled myself and just layed there patiently... I heard the radiologist mumble to my dr about my uterus but didn't think anything of it. Then all the sudden she said "ok dear your done, all the fluid went thru your fallopian tubes, no blockage" all I could say was "Thank you Lord!" She then said I will follow up with you in about a week with the results. In my mind I thought what results... Well when I went in she told me the same thing that my tubes were not blocked but then said the radiologist said your uterus appeared to be heartshaped. I said "Ok so what now" she said "oh thats nothing to worry about" and that was it. Never again did I look into it.

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