Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Headaches, Pimples, Tenderness...

After arriving to our next duty station I took about another 5 test while living in the hotel and still the BIG BFN. What the heck? Ok so headaches, lots of pimples, tenderness.... Hmmmm after moving into our new home I waited until I was signed into the clinic here in town inorder for me to get a preg. test. So I decided one day while looking for a job that I would run over to the clinic and get tested. As I sat in the toilet I did the urine test and prayed over the urine cup "What ever your will is for me Lord." That night I was cooking and "uh oh my cycle was starting" "well hello to you again" I thought.. LOL I gotta laugh with the way my body is... Thank you Lord!

"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb." Psalm 139:13

The next morning I went and took Destiny to the beauty "doogie" shop for a bath and cut and I sat in the car and remembered that I needed to call the nurse to find out my results from my test. I waited on the phone and the nurse came on and said "You are definately pregnant!" Wow I sat there and I didn't speak. I sat there in my car with tears and told the nurse "We have been waiting for so long" she said "Well congrates honey" I said "Well wait I started spotting last night" she said "that should be nothing to worry about just go to the ER" I went ahead and got off the phone and called my hubby. Well of course he didn't pick up so since I am new to this duty station I drove around the road he told me he worked at...LOL I got lost and then said to myself "Get to the ER" I called my mom and woke her up and said "Guess what mom, wake up, I am pregnant!" She was so excited she woke up my sister that was visiting and grandma and dad. I said "well I need to go to the ER cause im spotting." I got there and told the ER person my situation. At the same time im calling my church back in NY asking for prayers and trying to get ahold of my hubby. I decided to call my cousin to get ahold of her husband to get ahold of mine!! LOL As they checked me in a room they did blood test and also a cervix check. Cervix was not dilated and it was just implantation spotting. My HCG level was up in the 130's which doubled up 2 days later which meant all is well.

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