Friday, January 9, 2009

What can I post about today??

Well well well... It's 10 p.m. my time and I'm bored but I want to post something cause I'm bored! LOL (Ok im really tired so im giggly... ;)

Soooo something I would love for ya'll to be in prayer about for me is...... Now that my blog is private I can write whatever is on my heart! Tomorrow AF (cycle) should show her face if not Sunday if not then during the week who knows since I'm one that is IRREGULAR! As most of you know I was on Provera (progesterone pills) so that I could get a cycle every month and thank God it helped me get my cycle every 28 days for 3 months! I remember my GYN telling me that I could possibly get pregnant while being on those pills and it wouldn't harm the baby. She placed me on them for 3 months like I said and then she wanted to see me in January (this month) to then place me on Clomid. Well I haven't called the office as of yet just cause I don't know if im pregnant..... I am HOPING FOR A BFP (big fat positive).... Will you join me in prayer please?!??!

Another prayer I would ask for is as I start this new year out with a budget for the 1st time EVER that the Lord will give me peace, guide me, and strengthen me as I pay off my debt that I have had for years. This debt has been with me since before I met my husband (10 years). Some of you may know that I am trying to find a new job and well I think they are checking my credit and so that is probably why I'm not getting a job. I really wish they wouldn't check my credit but I know they have a policy they have to go by and well it's my fault.

Well I'm feeling a little sleepy now so I guess I will go snuggle with hubby...

Goodnight ladies...

God bless all of you and thank you in advance for your prayers! ~Melanie


Allisyn said...

will keep you in my prayers...and it was nice to see a picture of your husband..:)

Amy Fichtner said...

definitley be praying for you!!! Fingers Crossed;)

AmandaHoyt said...

Hi Mel,
Sorry I didn't get to read this until today and meant to email you this morning, but...did you get that BFP yet? I sure hope so :)
I'm praying for you, friend, and hope that everything in 2009 is miraculous for you.
Hugs and prayers,