Thursday, January 8, 2009

Husband Tag

I've been tagged by Amanda!

This tag is a "husband tag" so here I go...

5 Things Ralph Loves:

1. Lord & Savior
2. Me
3. His 2 boys
4. New York Yankees
5. The remote control (errrr)

5 Things on Ralph's "To Do" List:

1. watch football
2. watch the NY Yankees
3. sleep
4. watch tv (I know its the same as 1&2 but thats all he does!)
5. yell at drill sgts & privates (LOL seriously)

5 Foods Ralph Enjoys:

1. Puerto Rican food
2. Shrimp
3. Pizza
4. NY Cheesecake
5. Steak from Outback

5 Things You May Not Know About Ralph:

1. He is 8 years older than me
2. He has 2 boys, 16 & 11 yr old
3. He is from the Bronx
4. Has been in the Army for 16 years
5. He loves his pitbull pup, King

5 Quirky Things About Ralph:

1. He loves all type of music (he always says he was born in the wrong era)
2. He won't go to bed until im in bed
3. He is very picky
4. He takes the remote EVERYWHERE!
5. He sings crazy songs that he makes up (Amanda knows what im talking about she heard him!) LOL
This was really fun... Thanks for sharing Amanda!

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AmandaHoyt said...

Love the husband post - we get to know your other half better :)
Hope ya'll are having a good night so far.
Many hugs and prayers coming your way,