Sunday, January 18, 2009

BFN! I hate home pregnancy tests!

Yes I said it... I HATE HOME PREGNANCY TEST and with that I will NOT buy anymore!!!

See with my 1st pregnancy that ended in miscarriage I tested with home pregnancy tests and all of the 10 I tested with were NEGATIVE but I had symptoms of pregnancy, but when I went to the hospital to do a test in a urine cup it was POSITIVE (weird huh?)

As you all know I was on 3 months of Provera (progesterone) and my cycles came every 28-29 days. They were weird cycles that would last for about 9 days of nothing but spotting but I thank the Lord for bringing on my cycle for those 3 months. I was told by Dr. Eid that if I was not pregnant by January that I would have to call and schedule an appt for further testing and to place me on Clomid (I DON'T want to be on those stupid pills!) They stress me OUT and it's not good for us when we have to "dance under the sheets" (as they call it) for like what 7 days... (Yes im venting...)

Ok im off my soap box excuse me...

So I took a test on Friday because I just couldn't stand my heart racing with so much anxiety since I am actually a week late already, so I ran to the PX and bought the digital, expensive ,$14.00, with 2 tests box and boom NEGATIVE.... Just like that... I hate those stupid sticks... They really suck!!! Sorry ladies please bear with me im in one of those moods!!! Maybe I am PMS'ing whoooooooooooo freakin knows.. LOL

So I will call in the morning so that I can do a test in the hospital...The only symptom I have is my face is breaking out which WAS a sign when I was preggo the 1st time.

Lord please help my attitude!

Love ya'll!!! Have a wonderful Sunday... :)

If I am PMS'ing here is a shirt I should be wearing.... LOL


Allisyn said...

I will keep my fingers crossed and keep you in my prayers that the home pregnancy test is wrong.. hang in there little one.

Abbie said...

Gah! I'm so excited for you!!! :) Can't wait to hear about the hospital test!

The Baker's said...

Sending baby dust your way. I am keeping my fingers for you. I am so sorry the home one disappointed you. Praying that the hospital one is positive.


love the shirt


I want that t-shirt okay