Saturday, January 10, 2009

Moving Forward

I just added a new song onto my blog called "Moving Forward" by Mission 242 (I think).

This song has spoken to me lately... Alot of Praise & Worship songs have spoken to me lately and I love that feeling! The title of this song explains it all... I hope it speaks to you as well....

I am Moving Forward in 2009....

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Fay Cortes said...

What an awesome message for you to post and this is exactly what Pastor Mark preached today: all the way in Cedar Park, is what he said:
Move forward in 2009 and stop dwelling in the past. Dine with Christ rather than dining with what is spoiled in the past. We need to grow and not just maintain.

1)Past Lovers - let them go
2)Past Success - don't limit God and Enlarge Your Territory
3)Past Failures - release the past
4)Past Friends - God sends friends for a lifetime and others for a season - don't meddle on the past
5)Past Employers - don't hold a grudge, don't please Man please God
6)Church - past experiences - keep going to church because this is where God speaks into your life
7)Past Conversations - Make sure to confess the good things in people
8)Past financial situations - Don't make excuses
9)Past Parenting - Don't dwell on what happened just MOVE FORWARD!!

So Face the Past, Forgive and Forget, Say what God says(HIS WORD), and Move Forward in 2009.

Hope this blesses you and others on your post. Be blessed.