Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Please pray for my family!

Hello my awesome prayer warriors!

Thank you Amanda and Maria for posting prayer requests for my grandma, Luz Maria.

My grandma suffered a mild heart attack today and the Dr.'s were worried about a blood clot. The results came back NEGATIVE for a blood clot. (there's that word again but it's a good thing:) She has been transported to a bigger and better hospital and is being taken care of quiet well! Here is a pic of her that my mom just texted me:
Doesn't she look good after having a mild heart attack??? My sister did a call down while I tried to hold back the tears while at work and we all interceded in prayer as soon as my customers left. Thanks to all who are and will be praying for my grandma. Tomorrow is the day where they will figure out what to do as she has been having many episodes of fainting. She is a Diabetic with heart problems and High blood pressure as well and has had about 2 strokes. (Love you Abuela!)

Also if each of you all can keep my sister, Fay, in your prayers and her family (16yr, 8yr, and 3yr old). My brother in law deploys in just **a little while** to the middle east and we are needing lots of prayers as this is my sisters first time experiencing this him gone. He will be gone from 12 to 15 months the most. The date was later in Feb. but they just moved it to just **a little while**. (**security reasons**) May the Lord bring them peace and comfort to all of them and may he have a safe trip there and safe while he is deployed. Praise God that they just moved close to my mom in Texas and we are just 10 hours away!

Also if you would keep my aunt, Sonia, in your prayers. I just found out from my mom that she is feeling depressed and finally went to the dr about this issue. I think the enemy is really using a few of us in the "depressed" department... I am struggling and it seems that my family is too.

Please ladies pray for us. We are enduring alot at this time and may the Lord bring healing into all of our hearts.

God bless each one of you who reads this post! I appreciate every thought and prayer!!!


Misty Rice-Baniewicz said...

She does look good. Yea don't let a little heart attack keep a good women down. :)


God Bless.

Abbie said...

I am definitely praying. Your grandma looks so strong!


Go Grandma.....
definitely praying ...

sometimes your biggest scares make you more thankful and aware to be around amen

God bless sweet grandma

Fay said...

Thanks Mel, you made me cry but I have been an emotional women lately with all that is going on. Thanks for the prayers, I need them all as he is so hard!!!

AmandaHoyt said...

I'm praying for your entire family, Mel.

The Baker's said...

She looks good after what she has been through.I am praying for your family.