Saturday, February 21, 2009


So let me update you on sweet Ashlynn...

"Overnight, Ashlynn's oxygen has gone back up to 100% and has stayed like that through this morning. I have to work this morning .... how in the world am I suppose to do that? My hope is that when Emily gets there she will be able to wean again." from her website

Please pray....


As for the job interview yesterday....

It lasted 1 hr 1/2... By the time I left that office I had the biggest headache from so many questions... I think this interview was the hardest of them all. But God pulled me thru each question that was asked while my hands were sweating like crazy. The lady that interviewed me made me feel very welcomed and relaxed and introduced me to everyone. I will know more within 3 wks to a month if I got it or not. She has to interview more ladies next week and the week after that so we'll see... I finally came to the conclusion that God has all the control of a job for me if I just do the sending of resumes, etc... I am going to take a break from STRESSING and since next week is my last week at my present job I will be able to relax. My family is coming from Texas for the Spring Break week so I will at least be able to spend time with them.


Thanks to Misty for your "Krispy Cream Donuts" weakness... ROFL

Michelle I am so sorry to hear about the job loss but yes God will provide and we just have to wait on Him. I will be praying for you all.

Rachel thanks for your prayers girl! We need to catch up from our last messaging back and forth :)

April thanks as well for your prayers girlie... Hope all is well in your kitchen as you Sing and Bake :) I made hubby cupcakes for Vday and he LOVED them and I even used the icing in a ziplock bag and made my own designs.. Pics coming soon...

Jen thank you as well... I hope all is well in your tummy :)

God bless all you ladies that are always encouraging me!

Love, Melanie


Jim and April said...

oh how fun..i cant wait to see pics of the cupcakes! Still praying for baby ashlynn and your job! hope you have a great day!

Aspiemom said...

I enjoy reading how you are trusting God in your job situation. Interviewing can be so tiring and stressful. I will pray that you won't need to do it much longer!