Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Awaiting His arrival and Her arrival :)

Hey everyone...

This will be a quick post! Well today was my last dr's appt and I have not dilated anything.... Frustrating BUT I know why now.... Hubby is coming for her birth :) I had to do a Red Cross message just to get him to fly out SOON. I will be induced on Sunday at 10pm so please pray for us...

I am praying that Elanie comes when the Lord wants her to come and that if hubby is here well so be it but if he isn't well it's all in His timing not ours!

Just waiting for my hubby's phone call to let me know the flight details :)

One happy wife and soon to be momma!

Pray for us please :)

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Misty Rice said...

I have been so distant from blogs for sometime now. I have a lot of storms in my life right now. I am glad I took the time to browse blogs tonight and saw yours. I can't believe its about time.

Just wanted to say a prayer for you and let you know I haven't forgotten about you.